ESFF 2022

The European Short Film Festival will return to Eventive, July 1st-10th. Buy tickets here!

The Perfect Spot by Vibrant House Productions

2022 Schedule

Shorts 1
Transparent Dragonfly by Yunzhu Chen
Through The Ages by Merete Muenter
Reyna by Jenielle Ramos Salarda
The Perfect Spot by Vibrant House Productions
My Favourite Criminal by Torgeir Kalvehagen
An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe It by Lachlan Pendragon
My Munich, My Very Ordinary Days by Hyejeong Yun

Shorts 2
Found You by Marijane Vargas
Solo Duet by Michael Paul Snider
No Word by Yun Ding
Lost in Mugworts by 영 이
First Impression by Daria Tuca

Feed In The Trough by Helmut-Michael Kemmer, Stefan Placzek

Documentaries 1
Precious Waters by Precious Kofi, Natalia Cochrane Zueva
The Story of Mama Butterfly by Yuqian Cao
The Journey to Canada: Eman by Tofunmi Adebise
Between Two Worlds by Jax
Saving Glaciers by Ciril Jazbec
Children of Stars by Jørn Nyseth Ranum, Aaslaug Vaa

Saving Glaciers by Ciril Jazbec

Experimental Shorts
oNo by Michael Siebert, Alexandra Karaa
Colors Of Life by Valerian Takashi Seethaler
No Water by Pietro Gardoni
When The Silenced Speak by Chia-Liang Lai
I Am Not Seen by Aurore Dal Mas
Imaginary Carnival by Bernardo Costa
Samsara by Yukiko Nishino
A Well Spoiled One by Moira Zoitl
Hunros Jorna by Mickey Smith, Allan Wilson

Shorts 3
The Silver Thread by David Goettfert
Silent Revolts by Tural Haji
Hoid Di Goschn by Jens Lamprecht, Emre Cakir
The Black Hole by Ethan Edward
The Walled Garden by Emma Morley
Honorless by Carlos García-Espejo Sayago

The Walled Garden by Emma Morley

Documentaries 2
Junior by AJ Wilhelm
Artists’ Journey: An Immersive Musical Experience by Ao Li
#ClimateOfChange, The Making Of: A Contemporary Circus Project by Daniele Poli
From Darkness to Light: The Peter Krueger Clinic by Joe Fox

Documentaries 3
Logout of IT by Aleksandr Paramonov
Glimmer by Ken Rischard
Mediocre by Florian Felix Koch
My Body, My Choice: Womens’ Struggle in San Marino by Cecilia Fasciani

#ClimateOfChange, The Making Of: A Contemporary Circus Project by Daniele Poli

Shorts 4
On Your Side by David Heatley
Clearance Sale by Sarower Reza Jimi
Carnival by Daniel Farkas
Goodbye Lover Goodbye by Ziming Tian
A Short Story About Communism by Bortica Andrei Christian Adrian
Ghosts That Cry in the Dark by Kain Baigent

Horror/SF Block
Entanglement: A Sock in Time by Lucy FX Jones
Luto by Ken Kabatoff
Bygone by Mickey Tetrov
Vesak by Ina Chen
The Eye: Calanthek by Aaron Sims
Grydscaen: Scout Eve (Episode 3) by Natsuya Uesugi DuBois
Passage by Seth Deming
The Hourglass by Alexandre Bilardo
Burn by Judson Vaughan

Passage by Seth Deming

Music Videos
Wifey by Kate Yak
The Crow by Angela Coviello
Hasti by Aren Bayadyan
Argent Glass (feat. Char) by Katsuyuki Nakanishi
Rising Sun Blues by Sura Hertzberg, Marion Hill
Echoes of a Taiko Drum by Olga Maloney, Anne Parisio
Kilivaathil by Anjali Kallengattu
Womxn Time Machine by Adrien Peskine, Anthony Peskine
See Me: A Global Concert by Stéphanie Nassenstein, Nico Daswani, Marin Alsop

Hasti by Aren Bayadyan