European Short Film Festival

The 2021 European Short Film Festival will take place June 21st-30th on Eventive. Building a shared international cultural experience, the European Short Film Festival programmes a fantastic array of international independent films. Join one of Europe’s most exciting short film festivals!

Shorts 1
Nuria Mallena: Thing of Mine by Suzana Thomaz, Mayara Lepre
Pussy Boo by Remi Parisse
FreeBird by Michael Joseph McDonald, Joe Bluhm
Inconvenience Store by Danny Coolahan
Closeted by Magali Perra
One Last Job by Sophia Vester
Corsica by Finn Weigt

Experimental Shorts
Hope, Apertamente by Magrì Carlo
Beidezusein by Clara Pistner
Apparition in Orvieto by Michael Fantauzzi
Sokka by Daniel Pop
Memory House by Annika Glac, Marcus Struzina
Lotus by Angelika Fürstler, Austin Ahlborg
Lifelines by Brooke Smiley
Precious Balance Walk by Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen

Shorts 2
My Cruel Friend by Karina Luchinina
The London Traffic Warden – A Poetic Nature Documentary by Alexis Dubus
Zitronenbonbons by Finn Weigt
Coming Back by Yuxin Zhao
Unfair Game by Andre Semenza
Day 0 by Sergio Panariello
Norwegian Couscous by Mohamed Chakiri

Pointe Black by Rebecca Murray
Company Culture by Ran Zhang
The Art Of Mars by Ossi Piispanen
Timeless Drift by Mathieu Dumond
TransSiberia by Ciaran O’Connell

Shorts 3
Arklight – Ignite by Christoph Rohner
Death is Smoking My Cigars by AJ Leon
Dive, Dive, Dive by Gond
A Midday Dream by Eugenia Fabrizi, Mirza Vele
Metanoia by Alina Podschun
Modern Maximum by Edmond Carrère

Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy
Ghost Me by Anisha Savan
Moon: The Movie by Augustin de Lapeyriere 
Hotel Utopia by Alexandra Mischker
Permafrost by Aeryn Lee
Fulgidusen by Alexander Feichter

Shorts 4
Backstreet to the American Dream (Animated Open) by Patricia Nazario
Get Him!! by Bill Buckley
Tim by Andrew Barella
100 Meters by Matthias Pachner
Always Keep Positive by Till Vill