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Cannes Independent Film Festival


The second Cannes Independent Film Festival ran July 6-17, 2021

CIFF 2021 Official Selection:

You can’t (Kan’t) always get what you want. by Arroyuelo Woolrich
Yes I Am – The Ric Weiland Story by Aaron Bear
Molotov by Ariel Semmel
Dreams of Emmett Till by Bobby Field
Jack Wyatt and the Gun from Hell by Clay Dumaw
The Revolution Generation (working title) by Josh Tickell, Rebecca Tickell
Dances with Clouds by Kyle B Wagstaff
Six Angry Women by Megan Jones
Velvet Crush by Michael Boston
His Name Is Ray by Michael Del Monte
54 Years Late by Michele Wright, Ph.D.
Fate’s Shadow: The Whole Story by Michelle Arthur
V & F by Michelle R Arthur
Covid Tales: House Party by Mike Spence
On / Off by Nicolas P. Villarreal
The Bandaged Place: From AIDS to COVID and Racial Justice by Ravi Chandra
No Spicy No Fun – Rebel Riot in the UK by Roberta Bononi, Kim Ford
The Tarpa Player by Sareesh Sudhakaran
Hatshepsut by Sonia Machado Hines
Half & Half by Sri Charan
Wonderer by Yusuf Khan


Inaugural CIFF winners:

Best Film: Becky Preston for LOVELORN (UK)

Best Micro-Budget film: Mercy Malick for TALES OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH OF ELVIS! (USA)

Best No-Budget film: Kris De Meester for FOUR ROSES (Belgium)

Best actor: Natalie Eleftheriadis for BIRTHDAY (Australia)

Best Horror / Sci Fi: Till Kleinert for LANGE NACHT (Germany)

Best Documentary: Cassie Jaye for DADDY I DO (USA)

Best Short Film: Wanuri Kahiu for PUMZI (South Africa)

Best Short Documentary: Mike Walter BREAKING NEWS BREAKING DOWN (USA)

Best Animated Short Film: Sen Wong for SATAY SATAY (Malaysia)

Best Music Video: Robert Powers for TEST (USA)