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Submitting to the 2020 European Short Film Festival

Submit now through FilmFreeway:

• ESFF 2020 will take place from November 13 to 22.
EFF is especially interested in films by first and second time filmmakers whose movies represent the best in low-budget filmmaking.

• EFF accepts only online digital submissions, not discs in the mail.
• EFF regards a short film as 40 minutes or less in length.


There are four submissions deadlines:

Early – 15 July, 2020

Regular – 12 August, 2020

Late – 9 September, 2020

These are deadlines and reflect the date by which you must provide us with a online screener your submission.  The submission fee is non-refundable.

Selected films will be notified no later than Oct 21, 2020.

EFF accepts films and awards prizes in the following categories:

Short Film
Comedy Short
Short Documentary
Animated Short
Experimental Short
Horror / Sci-Fi Short
Music Video

Our programmers will consider rough cuts and will judge the film accordingly. When submitting a rough cut, please provide details of the elements of your film still to be completed.

If your film contains non-English dialogue, we require that you include on-screen subtitles. If your film is mostly in English and you are intentionally leaving out subtitles for non-English dialogue, you do not need to provide on-screen subtitles.

All submissions will be informed of our Official Selection by  October 21, 2020 and our Screening Guidelines will be sent to you selected filmmakers.


Submission fees for shorts & music videos:
€25 Early (ending July 15); €30 Regular (ending August 12); €35 Late (ending September 9);